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Galaxy Process Overview


Requirements Control

Systems Integration Automatically

Software Generation Starting From Business Process

V&V (Verification and Validation)

Modeling of Three-Dimensional Business Process

Simulation of Three-Dimensional Business Process

Competence Sharing

Risk Management

Decrease of Wastes and Residues

Process Integration

Process Environment

Process Environment is a three-dimensional process modeling environment (operation, management and infrastructure), with a graphic and textual language. The modeling is accomplished according to the Primethod methodology of the P3Tech technology.

Process Environment allows the organization to generate systems starting from the business process specification, providing better adaptability and flexibility in the solution to be developed to the end user.

Process Environment allows the organization to identify, to plan and to execute improvements in your business process.

Risks Environment

Risks Environment is an environment that helps the business to avoid the wastes, risks, wait queue, through simulations and emulations of the business processes, increasing the productivity and decreasing the changes risks.

The risks are identified in the business process and explicit in reports format, identifying potential problems in the business execution and consequent information systems.

Training Environment

The Training Environment is responsible for organizational competence sharing and competence management. The great characteristic of this environment is that it is not based in a simple knowledge base, it based in the explicit competences in the organizational business process.

Training Environment generates a site to the business in agreement with the business process specified in the Process Environment. So the organization has all its process automatically documented in a web server.

Technical Added Values:
Three-dimensional processes: operation, management and structure; they evolve independently and in synchronism with the business added values;
Management (tracking, command and control) of the modeled and simulated processes;
Zero-energy integration;
Software one-for-one with the modeled, distributed and multiplatform process;
Automatic generation of the workflow required by the business process;
Environment for quantitative and qualitative verification and validation of the processes and systems;
A single communication protocol among the several business competences;
Exponential generation of new business possibilities;
Competence and best practices sharing environment;
Environment to explicit dualities and self-defenses for all the elements of the organizational business process;
Environment for identifying, characterizing and synthesizing wastes and residues of the organizational processes;
Environment for generating the documentation of all the organizational processes;
Automatic integration of the organizational processes.


Economic Added Values:
Elimination of the systems integration phase – 30% of the development total time;
Zero cost of systems integration;
No codification phase (20% of all the development in organizations with CMM level 3);
No management systems development cost and time;
45% decrease of the configuration and installation risks of the organizational business process;
45% decrease of the configuration and installation risks of the generated systems;
50% decrease of the costs of quality improvement processes projects, such as ISO;
20% increase in the quality and productivity of team works;
Zero cost in the materials production for organizational training;
Zero risk in the organization turnover;
50% decrease of the total cost and time of projects that requires the integration of several protocols and technologies.
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