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Galaxy Measurement Overview


Emulation of Three-Dimensional Business Process

Process Quality Management

Quality Environment

Quality Environment is an environment that helps in the business process quality assurance. With this environment it is possible to visualize and to tracking goals of product quality and process in agreement with the business process specified.

Quality Environment allows the automatic generation of the management information systems, starting from the business process specified. Such systems incorporate the qualitative and quantitative items of the business operation and infrastructure.

The environment allows that the organization accomplish the quantitative and qualitative management of its business in runtime.

Technical Added Values:
Contemplates proto-interactions: process prototype purification and the proto-interaction among the distributed prototypes;
Emulation of the organizational business process map;
Emulation of the communication protocols;
Implements the quantitative and qualitative management of the organizational processes;
Every action is registered as a new process included within the organizational process.


Economic Added Values:
Elimination of the physical infrastructure acquisition technical risk;
Elimination of the field tests cost and time;
100% warranty of decision-making based on business processes and statistical data within the same process;
40% improvement on project time and cost.
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