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Integrated Improvement Environment

Web Process Service

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Web Process Service Environment


Web Process Service Environment supplies the business process interoperability in different or same organizations and infrastructures.

Web Process Service Environment builds systems in agreement with the business processes without integration additional efforts and efforts to generate compatibility among platforms. These features warrant more flexibility to the business.

Web Process Service Environment helps the organizations to decrease the business implementation costs, due the facility of continuous changes that the process will have. This occurs because the product reproduces automatically the business process changes to the internal systems.

Web Process Service Environment integrates so technology so the business processes among the organizations through the processes sharing.

In this environment is possible to run process slice and/or process trace in real time (in the reality), increasing the productivity and decreasing the risks during the business decisions. Being like this, it is possible to establish a continuous improvement program in agreement with the business metrics established and new technologies included without impact to the systems and current processes. All the technological and system changes are set only and exclusively in the business changes.

Technical Added Values:
Solution that integrates the organizational business process definition and their information systems generation;
The changes of the processes are accomplished in real time;
All the changes are based on the metrics collected from reality;
Generation and integration of service processes (competences) in the web;
Web Process Service;
Tool for search and selection of solution alternatives for the business process problems.


Economic Added Values:
Zero effort and cost in information systems automation;
Zero effort and cost in computer systems maintenance;
Contemplation of all the characteristics to elevate an organization’s CMM to level 5;
Generation of work and income;
Explicitation and exponentiation of competences for generation of new business;
100% warranty of the organizational process control;
100% warranty of the time-frame organizational process occurrences registry;
30% increase of the best organizational practices usage.
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