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Galaxy Initial Overview

Interface Independent of the Code

Cross-Platform Application Development

Distributed Application Development

Spring and Strut

Multilingual Application Development


The information systems landscape is changing rapidly. New strategic business applications are being developed outside of the data center. This new generation of applications must run across platforms and networks, access diverse data sources, and dynamically interact with shrinkwrapped and legacy systems. Many new tools and technologies have entered the market to address specific areas of this development challenge.

Galaxy Initial

To follow you can see the Galaxy Initial descriptive:

More Information About  DAS

DAS - Distributed Application Services

More Information About  Library Class
Library Class 4.0
More Information About  Resource Environment
Resource Environment
More Information About  Database Protocol
Database Protocol
More Information About  XML Protocol
XML Protocol
More Information About  HTTP Protocol
HTTP Protocol
More Information About  Dictionaries
Dictionaries Protocol
Technical Added Values:
Resources development environment for partitioning applications and for creating multi-language dictionaries, independent of the application code;
Interface development environment usable for business people, which allows the visual geometry management and harmonic distribution of the elements, independent of the application code;
Environment for distributed applications development per element of the business process;
Transplatform development environment;
Multiplatform environment that disposes operating system protocols libraries, such as memory management, mutexes and conditions, trace statements, operational process management, among others.


Economic Added Values:
No system interface maintenance cost and time without changing the code semantics;
Development time using Galaxy:
Development cost using Galaxy:
At least 30% decrease of the distributed applications development active effort using distribution built-in services;
No Resources development and maintenance cost and time for presenting contents in several idioms.
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