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Ambiencia Software Consulting Services Group offers a complete range of services for development teams using the Galaxy Application Environment.




Once you have invested in Ambiencia Galaxy Application Environment, you will be equipped with the most powerful tool available for building client/server, object-oriented applications. To ensure that you get the biggest bang from your investment, Ambiencia offers a wide range of consulting services designed to dramatically increase your productivity and competitiveness. Ambiencia's Professional Services allow you to reduce time to market thus increasing your company's ability to compete.

Ambiencia consultants are professional software engineers fully trained in Ambiencia products as well as the process of application development. We partner with your developers to design and deliver products on schedule without spinning unnecessary development cycles-- saving your department time and your organization money.
Galaxy Courses
Galaxy 4.0 Initial Training
Galaxy 4.0 Management Training
Galaxy 4.0 Process Training
Galaxy 4.0 Measurement Training
Galaxy 4.0 Machine Training
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