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The main goal of Ambiencia is to:

  • Evolve Galaxy Application Environment traditions;
  • Commercialize Galaxy permanently as a response to continuous software evolution:
    • develop and maintain Galaxy application development and systems integration services globally;
    • develop and maintain software products cross-platform with complexity of graphic interfaces and integration connectivity.



Efforts and investments are directed toward:

  • Product upgrades to bring together existing clients and to attract new ones, and just as important, to provide support to users of all Ambiencia products;
  • Adaptation need of the software applications to the disintegration of:
    • Hardware Platforms: operating systems and compilers;
    • Communication Protocols: network and databases;
    • Graphic Interfaces: automatically sensitive to the platforms and with possibility of changes without the need of access to the code and compilation.



Since May 1998, Ambiencia attends global customers from several fields such as:

  • Communications;
  • Energy;
  • Engineering;
  • Financial;
  • Government;
  • Healthcare;
  • Information Technology.
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