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Galaxy Application Environment®

Galaxy is a cross-platform development environment with editing tools, interface construction tools, and runtime classes that combine into a comprehensive environment. Galaxy can be used to deploy business solutions ranging from stand-alone departmental applications to sophisticated distributed applications designed to address enterprise-wide problems. Galaxy-built applications look and act like native applications built with C or C++.


Galaxy is a unique software technology product that facilitates users to be self-sufficient in solving their needs for integrating hardware platforms (operating systems and compilers), communication protocols (network and databases) and graphic interfaces (automatically sensitive to the platforms and with possibility of changes with no need for accessing the code and compilation) and generating cross-platform software.

The Galaxy customers are:

  • Companies that depend on different technological platforms for its operation;
  • Software Houses - for the productivity and need of applications generation in different technological platforms, graphic interfaces independent of the semantic programming and of the respective communication protocols;
  • The producers of computers, basic tools and telecommunications products;
  • Students;
  • Autonomous software producers.

Galaxy customer list

Galaxy History
Originated in the academic world from Fuad Gattaz MSc. thesis;
Scientific support: some of the most renowned scientists of the software engineering field;
Adopted initially by NASA: consolidation of an integrated software solution of hardware and software platforms (cross-platform);
Adapted to the marked by Visix Software, Inc.: an american company that won the american government bidding;
Galaxy rights (patents, trademarks and source codes) transferred to Ambiencia;
New Software Development Environment Paradigm: Galaxy 4.0



The applications built in Galaxy have the same behavior of native applications built in C or C++.

A very important point for the computer science area is the interoperability of operating systems and different Applications. The new technology maturation time is very short, forcing the companies upgrades its technological park, this change not always it accompanies a productivity gain. These upgrades can need new applications to maintain the files compatibility and operating systems.
The Galaxy is a powerful tool to solve the interoperability problems and critical mission between platforms and different operating systems, because with only one developed code, it is possible to port for the several platforms, remaining more time to solve the processes business to your company.
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