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Testimonials of users satisfied with Galaxy Application Environment®

Galaxy is the only technology available in the market, that exhibits the following properties:
Graphical environment for visual geometry management and harmonic distribution management of the elements in the communication protocols;
Communication protocols interpretative visual behavior, defined independently of the function that manipulate such protocols and vice-versa;
Construction and generation of Help-On-line and State Base Management structures that are multi-platform and distributed;
Protocol generator language and automatic configurators of multi-platform protocols in C, C++ environments;
Generation and emulation of graphical languages integrated with multiple State Base Managers, and multiple interface patterns incorporationg multi-platform and distributed look-and-feel managers;
Representation and generation of text editors that are multialphabet, multi-platform and distributed.



SDPS - Society for Design and Process Science

Murat M. Tanik, PhD
Professor, President, SDPS - Society for Design and Process Science
  Peter A. Ng, PhD  
  Professor, Fellow, SDPS - Society for Design and Process Science  
  Chittor V. Ramamoorthy, PhD  
  Professor, Fellow, SDPS - Society for Design and Process Science  
Values of the Galaxy Application Environment:
Environment for construction of Graphic Interface independent of the programming environment;
Visual behavior of the Graphic Interfaces is defined independently of the functions implementation that manipulate the interfaces;
Environment to construction of Graphic Interfaces usable by people that know the business;
Interpretative visualization of the visual behavior of the Graphic Interface during its drawing;
Possibility of changes and redesign of the Graphic Interface of the applications without the need to compile the application again;
Visual environment to edit, to import and to export images that will be used in the Graphic Interfaces;
Dispose support to graphic resources and multimedia resources;
Programming environment and visual environment for management of visual geometry of Graphic Interfaces and harmonic distribution of the elements in the Graphic Interfaces;
Dispose multi-platform resources to represent, to store, to locate and to recover applications resources;
Possibility of changes in the Graphic Interfaces in runtime;
Construction and generation of "Help on Line", multi-platform and distributed structures;
Dispose resources to build protocols, to the distributed applications development;
Dispose resources to database communications via ODBC;
Dispose resources to format Graphic Interfaces starting from tables of databases accessible via ODBC.


IBM, Sao Paulo, Brazil  
  Carlos F.B Cruz  
  Elizeti T. Schmidt  
  Franco Russo  
Icatu Bank , Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
  Edson Ferreira  
  Ricardo Rangel  
  Sueli Berselli Marinho  
Itau Bank, Sao Paulo, Brazil  
  Carlos Eduardo Teixeira da Silva  
  João Alberto de Seixas  
  João Roberto Simões Salles  
  Joaquim Francisco Pereira Marques  
  Lino J.C. Rolo  
  Marcus A. Magini  
  Osvaldo M. Yosuda  
Natura, Sao Paulo, Brazil  
  Carlos Haruo  
  Luiz Francisco Guerra  
  José Mendonça  
  Renato Chiavelli  
Secretariat of Science and Technology, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  Clésio Tozzi  
  Geraldo José Cecilio  
  Libanio Carlos de Souza  
  Marcos Ribeiro Pereira, PhD  
  Nelma Magdalena Monticelli  
Unicamp - University of Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  Jacques Wainer  
  J.C Setubal  

USP - University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  Lirie Matsutomoto Sato  
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