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Web Services offers the flexibility of connecting and interoperability the services that can be shared by used in any computer type among the institutions, companies and customers. The use of Galaxy 4.0 Machine helps in the integration of business in a faster way and it insurance.

The integration of the Galaxy 4.0 and Web Services have properties that make them easily accessible from heterogeneous environments:



Easy integration with Web;

Using an XML-based description language;

Communicate with clients through DAS and XML messages that are transmitted by standard Internet protocols, such as HTTP.

Why To Use Galaxy 4.0 Machine?
The benefits of Galaxy 4.0 and Web Services include:



Interoperability among distributed applications in Multiple Plataforms;

Easy access to applications through firewalls using Web protocols;

A cross-plataform, easy developing distributed applications;

Galaxy 4.0 Machine extends the Web Services for the business level.

You access Web Services using standard Web protocols such as XML and HTTP, the diverse and heterogeneous applications on the Web can automatically access Web Services, and thus communicate with each other.
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