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Galaxy Consulting
  There are consulting services provided by qualified consultants of Ambiencia. These services help you solve problems related to business process definition application development and to increase your capability maturity level.
Process Modeling

Consulting services for the business process identification and characterization independent of the knowledge areas.

The result of this service is the graphic map and the process documentation that explicit the business, showing:

  • Technological Risks – communication protocols establishment;
  • Cultural Risks – establishment of synchronization and of trans-cultural operational and management interfaces;
  • Cause and Effect Synthesis – reality effects that can affect the business process modeled.

Business Sceneries Synthesis

Process simulations through probabilistic interpretation of the business process sceneries, showing:

  • Wastes – effort not transformed in value added;

  • Residues – lost effort;

  • Wait Queue – lack of synchronization;

  • Productivity – quantity of value added in a certain effort;

  • Costs – financial synthesis of the simulated business process;

  • Risks in the Contextual Changes – effects caused by the reality according to the simulation sceneries;

  • Management – needs of actions and/or interactions between management and operation;

  • Process Synchronization – value added occurrences.
Galaxy Applications Development

Use of Ambiencia consultants to generate management, operation and infrastructure systems to the customers or to generate third parts applications according to the customer and market requirements.

Galaxy Porting

Ambiencia consultants experienced with both native operating environments and Galaxy can assist you in to:

  • Port legacy applications in older Galaxy versions, if you need to migrate older Galaxy code (e.g. 2.5, 2.6, 2.7) to new version;

  • Port Galaxy for specific compiler and operating system;

  • Port existing (java, C/ C++, Delphi, and others) applications to Galaxy. The ported applications will be platform independent.

If your goal is to expand your markets by re-targeting your existing software applications to new platforms, no better approach exists then to employ the combination of Galaxy and Ambiencia Professional Services. We will show you how to reap the benefits of a common source code base for each platform on which you need to make your software available. Deploy your software to any platform you desire, without additional development effort, more code, or paring down features. Give us a call and we will show you how.

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