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Building Applications with Galaxy

The Galaxy libraries are available in C or C++ for a wide variety of hardware platforms and operating systems. Application help documents are created with standard authoring tools, including popular desktop word processing applications. The Galaxy application user interface and other application resources are typically developed with the Galaxy Resource Environment and Color Image Editor, but since the Galaxy tools are built with Galaxy libraries, the same resources can be developed through API calls.

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Galaxy’s rich object-oriented libraries replace tens-even hundreds-of thousands of lines of code required in traditional development environment. Galaxy applications run efficiently by avoiding redundant code for shared resources, such as help services.

A Galaxy application is compiled and linked using the native compiler and linker or commercially available compilers depending on the platform. At compile time the Galaxy libraries, the native libraries, and any third party libraries, are linked into the application. The Galaxy Help Compiler compiles help documents into a machine-independent binary format. Test and debug of a Galaxy application are supported by a combination of Galaxy tools and third party tools, such as tools specifically designed for memory leak detection and user interface function testing.

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The Galaxy Resource Environment outputs portable resources files that can be enhanced and extend without recompiling applications logic. Test and debug of Galaxy Applications are supported by a combination of galaxy and third party tools.

The Resource Environment outputs machine-independent binary resource files that can be enhanced or modified without having to recompile the application logic. Through the Command Manager and Resource Manager, Galaxy architecturally supports a phased development approach that allows the application to be cost-effectively developed, maintained, and enhanced.

The Galaxy Application Environment offers the most comprehensive support for the development and enhancement of large-scale distributed applications. Hundreds of organizations, from a broad spectrum of industries, have standardized on Galaxy for their next-generation strategic applications.

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